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No way! These are what they selling?! 

Today we are going to talk about the notorious parody brand- VANDAL

It's infamous for its dog humping stickers

more info: check out "Never would have thought of these parody stickers can be so trendy in the world of boys!"


beside the stickers, the brand is also selling random stuffs with doodles on.

Here are some doodles we can see from their recent posts.

That' so mean!


Is that the asparagus juice we all remember?

even the angels...

As soon as it gets to their hands..


Don't do it to comic book!

VANDAL actually dropped a doodle pen.

For fans to doodle whenever they want, VANDAL made a doodle pen key ring. 

They are even selling the designer's daily doodles online. 

Besides these parodied angels, VANDAL also has their doodles on betel nut boxes, cigarette boxes and cans. 

Although these products might look hilarious, they are actually popular and will always sold out within a short period of time.

Many actually follow VANDAL's website and collect their products as soon as they drop. 

For more VANDAL's product :

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