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Never would have thought of these parody stickers can be this popular around the world!

Today I'm introducing you this infamous brand-VANDAL

Slogan being "Ruin the world with stickers," the brand represented by a sticker of dog humping.

Its been trending in boys' world ever since it first drop.

Its been trending in boys' world ever since it first drop.

Why do you hate Monday so much...


Let go of Jack!!!

Uhm... how's your ear?

We all hate typhoon....

if you ever got caught by the Company Commander...

let go of that girl!!

Do you hate eggplant that much..? (and chef Ah-Ji...)

How trendy is the sticker? not only it has been re-posted by people around the globe, it also appeared on the drop of Honda RC213V-S.(Why!!!)

Of course the brand wouldn't leave people with only one kind of sticker.

It also has this Middle finger sticker, which is beloved by people around the world. 

The crazy part being 

All these seemingly nonsense stickers are actually being made to products by VANDAL

Humping dog opener

VANDAL will keep dropping these dope ass products in the future ,and all the parody products can be bought here ↓↓↓↓↓


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