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Things you should know about the accessories. (must read)

Material: Alloy 

Q:  When will it start to fade in color and oxidize.

A:  All the accessories made in alloy tend to oxidize due to long exposure under oxygen. It’s nothing expensive after all. The lifespan of these accessories really depends on individuals. 

Q: Under which conditions will the accessories start to oxidize?


1. Exposure under chemical substance, perfume, and humid environment. 

2.  “Sweaty” environment. Sweat is found at moderately acidic to neutral pH levels, thus it would cause chemical corrosion on the accessories. 

3.Sulfur dioxide in the air also causes oxidization on the accessories. 

Q: How do I extend the lifespan of my alloy accessories?


1.Keep them dry.

2.Avoid wearing them for long period of time so they wouldn’t be corroded by sweat. 

3.Avoid storing different kinds of accessories in an open box.

Material: Silver

Q: Whats 925 pure silver?

A: 925 pure silver means 925/1000 silver + 75/1000 of alloy, it’s the international standard of our silver. 

Q: will it oxidize?

A: Yes. Due to the chemical reaction between sulfur dioxide and silver, the surface of the accessories would form a layer of silver sulfide and change the color. The layer can be washed. However, the reactions may vary due to different pH values of individuals’ sweat. 

Q: Why do some of the silver products oxidize and some don’t?

A:Generally it depends on whether it’s electroplated or not. 

Electroplated: The product would shine differently, more glossy, and less chance to oxidize. 

Not Electroplated: It’ll have its original color, and through time it'll oxidize and give out different vibe. 

Q: How do I maintain my 925 silver accessories?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A:

1. You can mix water with baking soda and clean them with it.

2. Polish your silver items with silver polishing cloth.

3. Toothpaste on cloth can also be used to polish your silver items. 

4. Clean them with silver wash water.

Q: What not to do?


1.Don’t wash the silver polishing cloth.

2. Over used of silver wash water might turn your silver items yellowish. 

Material: Titanium

Q: What’s Titanium?

A: Titanium is a kind of material that is durable, and won’t evoke allergy easily.

Q: Will it oxidize?

A: No. However, it’ll still get scratches. On the other hand, rose gold plating accessories might return to it’s original titanium color as time past(usually a year), it’s perfectly normal. 

Q: How do I maintain Titanium accessories?

A: Gently wash them with warm water, and polish them with soft cloth. Store them in box individually to avoid scratches.