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These blue therapeutic accessories can chill you down in this dreadful summer!

In hot summer days, except eating ice-creams, one also needs to cool down his/her eyes! Therapeutic blue allows people to easily associate itself with sky, sea, pools, and shaved ice. 

Join me and lets have a chilling blue summer!

1. Visually refreshing blue outfit!

The weather is so hot, are you still going for dark color clothes?

Refreshing light blue is your only choice!

Light blue shirt with white stripes for work, and light blue dresses and bikini for holidays.

Light blue is definitely the represent color for summer. 

2. Not the eyes but the mouth needs ice cream!

Summer blue desert you can't resist. You can feel the chill just looking at it!

imagine a day chilling by the pool, with soda and blue shaved ice, isn't it wonderful? We all know food coloring is bad for your health, but now we got the beautiful and healthy butterfly pea drink which everyone can enjoy!

3. Here comes the refreshing blue accessories- SNATCH collection!

Part.1 Blue earrings and the clip ons! 

You can't live without earrings having your hair tied on hot summer days. Hand made transparent blue series cool you down by 10 degrees just looking at them. 

These are for all the earring lover out there!

Part2. All the random accessories, in blue!

Pony holders, bracelets, necklaces... all in blue!

It's so therapeutic!

How cute is Baby Blue!

Part3. Blue gadgets, beloved by all the collectors!

If you love to shop at grocery store, you can't miss these blue gadgets!

Serenity diamond pen, storage box and contact lens box!

No one can resist!!



Although we cant change the temperature, 

We can still have good mood with the help of refreshing blue accessories!

Get them here!