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Look closer for the exquisite mini earrings! 4 features that step up your game!

Snatch Store brings you all kinds of mini earrings!

Have you ever seen a girl dialing her hair? To us that's the cutest move any girl can do. With the exquisite earrings we have here, any girl can be a 10/10


Let's see what makes an exquisite earring.

1. Comes in small sizes.

It muse be no bigger than 1cm, so you can have that gleaming feeling when sun light hits you.  Feels different but most wouldn't be able to point out the differences. well you get the idea ╮(╯v╰)╭

2. Geometric earrings go with everything. 

You'll score in any events having a pair of geometric earrings that goes with every style. 

working, studying, interviews and meetings. 

From meeting your first love to having dinner with your parents in law, the style steps up your game!

3. Capable to offense and defense.

Don't worry if you weren't a girl next door,

with the compliment of other ear accessories, mini earrings can still look good on you

4. Affordable prices!

Girls' wallets have disabilities, they get thinner for no reasons. For their health girls often need to pay attentions on the sales. 

mini earrings' prices have a positive relationship with their sizes.

Since they all come in small sizes, the prices are relatively low. 


Snatch Store got you all the mini earrings. Shop while it's still free of shipment!

Mini Earrings